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Pederson v. Louisiana State University

In 2000, female students at Louisiana State University sued their school for refusing to offer them athletic participation opportunities equal to those it offers its male students. Specifically, the women wanted LSU to field fast pitch softball and soccer teams. LSU tried to argue that there was not enough interest and ability to add the teams, but the court rejected these arguments and called them stereotypical and paternalistic. In addition, the court pointed to evidence that clearly illustrated the sexism that female students and athletes faced at LSU. For example, the athletic director referred to one of the plaintiffs as "honey," "sweetie," and "cutie," and said he favored adding soccer, "a more feminine sport," because female soccer players "would look cute running around in their soccer shorts." The court held that LSU discriminated against its female students in violation of Title IX, and the University added the two women's teams.


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