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History of Title IX

I EXercise My Rights is a public service, informational campaign designed to educate the public about Title IX. Simply stated:

Title IX is a law passed in 1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every educational program that receives federal funding.

Many people have never heard of Title IX.  Most people who know about Title IX think it applies only to sports, but athletics is only one of 10 key areas addressed by the law. These areas are: Access to Higher Education, Career Education, Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students, Employment, Learning Environment, Math and Science, Sexual Harassment, Standardized Testing and Technology.

Since Title IX was passed 35 years ago, it has been the subject of over 20 proposed amendments, reviews, Supreme Court cases and other political actions.  That's why we call it a living, breathing law. It is puzzling why there have been so many attempts to change Title IX since the intent of the law (gender equity) has not been met. Thousands of schools across the country are not in compliance with the law.

This website explains the regulations in easy-to-understand language and uses real case studies as examples.  In addition, it provides ways to find out about Title IX in your local community, links to many governmental and educational organizations for more detailed information and an easy-to-use e-mail system whereby you can contact the Secretary of Education in Washington, D.C. about Title IX.

We are a group of women: Starting with Deborah, then Rebecca, Jocelyn, Neena,  Arlene, Joey, Elayne, Dani, Jane, Anne, Carolina, Giselle, Nancy, Donna, Alisia, Wendy, Lynne and more. We are daughters, mothers, sisters, colleagues, and friends. It began as so many great endeavors do, with one woman talking to another, who talked to another, who talked to another. 

This website and overall campaign resulted from the vision and direction of The MARGARET Fund of the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) in Washington, D.C. The MARGARET Fund, an acronym for May All Resolve, Girls Achieve Real Equity Today, is a nonprofit effort that develops and supports programs that promote education about and compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.  Founded in the same year Title IX was passed, the NWLC has worked since then both to expand the possibilities for girls and women in education and employment and to ensure that the nation's laws protect women's health and provide economic security for their families.

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